Heat Trace Products, LLC.

Residential Heat Trace Cable

At Heat Trace Products, we provide heating solutions that efficiently and dependably address freeze protection issues. Known for 20 years as an important provider of industrial process heating systems, we have also become a major problem-solver for residential applications.

The cycle of snow and ice melting and refreezing can form ice dams that prevent water from draining during a refreeze cycle. The built-up ice, snow and water can lead to serious residential rooftop damage. Our UL approved de-icing residential roof and gutter heating system employs self-regulating cable. The electric heat trace cable will provide a continuous drain path for melting ice and snow to flow (through the gutter and into the downspout). As with all of our residential cables they are self-regulating, and the heating cable uses less power as the roof and gutters dry and warm up.

The residential gutter and roof electric heat trace cables use the same base materials (nickel) plated buss wires, 2700 series conductive compound, and no regrind usage (100% original polymers) as the ruggedized industrial cables that have performed flawlessly in the harshest of conditions.

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