Heat Trace Products, LLC.

Commercial Heat Trace Cable

At Heat Trace Products, LLC, we are producers of heating cable technology that has been employed globally for a wide range of process flow applications. Our self-regulating heating cables are a highly cost-effective solution for an ever-increasing range of commercial applications.

In cold environments, thermal insulation alone cannot prevent pipes from freezing or ensure efficient fluid flow. Heat Trace Products self-regulating commercial pipe heat trace cables provide the additional heat required to maintain proper fluid flow. The self-regulating feature of our commercial heat trace cable maximizes efficiency and minimizes operating costs.

Ask the competition if they can say the same:

The 2800 series of commercial Heat Trace cable employs the same materials of construction and production process as the industrial grade 2700 products. From the nickel-plated copper buss wires, to the 100% original conductive core material, to the patented heat treating process, these commercial Heat Trace cable products are made to last. The smaller construction of the 3 and 5 watt per foot heating cable simplifies installation on smaller diameter pipes.

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