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2800 Series Features (150°F/65°C max)

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2800 Series Features (150°F/65°C)
2800 Series Features (150°F/65°C)

At Heat Trace Products, LLC. we manufacture heating cable used for temperature maintenance and freeze protection systems which utilize various specification self-regulating heat trace cable and a full line of qualified accessories. The 2800 Series of self-regulating heating cable is just one of a number of specialized heat trace cable products that we can utilize to achieve a custom heat maintenance system that addresses specific heating requirements. The 2800 Series is available in 120 volt for the 3 watt and 5 watt cables and 120 or 240 volt options for 6 watt cable, and can be used to maintain continuous temperatures of up to 150°F (65°C). To learn more about this product or any of our other heat maintenance and freeze protection solutions, see the information on this page or contact us directly.


The industrial grade 2800 cables provide freeze protection and process temperature maintenance for fluid transport and storage systems. The bus wires, jackets and metallic braids can be configured for both ordinary (non-classified) and hazardous (classified) locations, including areas where exposure to corrosive or organic materials is possible.

Performance Ratings

Output wattage:
3, 5, 8, 10 w/ft @ 50°F

Supply voltages:
110 - 120 or 208V - 277Vac

Continuous maintenance temperature:
150°F (65°C) max

Intermittent exposure temperature:
185°F (85°C) max

T Rating*:
T-5 (10 w/ft), T-6 (3, 5, 8 w/ft)

Braid resistance:
Tinned copper: 0.003 Ω/ft

Stainless steel:
0.125 Ω/ft *T-Rating per the 1999 NEC, Tables 500-5(d) and verified by FM and CSA.



Factory Mutual:
Ordinary locations
Hazardous locations Class I, Div 1*/ 2, Groups B, C, D
Class II, Div 2, Groups F, G
Class III, Div 1* and 2

Ordinary locations STD. 130-03, -G, -W, -S
Hazardous locations Class I, Div 1* / 2, Groups A,B,C,D
Class II, Div 1* / 2, Groups E, F, G
Class III, Div 1* and 2

Roof and Gutter
Hot Water Maintenance
SEMCO - (CE mark):

*Contact Heat Trace Products, LLC. representative for information on Division1 hazardous location systems.

2800 Series Self Regulating Heating Cable (150°F/65°C)
Supply Voltage
Output Wattage
2803 & 2805
110 - 120
3, 5 w/ft @ 40°F (4.44 °C)
9, 16 w/meter
*120 or 208V - 277 Vac
6 w/ft @ 40°F (4.44 °C)
19 w/meter
*The 2806 is the only 2800 Series self-regulating Heat Trace Products, LLC. that is approved for 110 to 277 Vac.
Item Number HTP P/N Description
Commercial Grade 120V Low Temp 3 Watt 9 Watts/Meter
2803-10C00 SC0310C-000 3W Tinned/Copper Braid
2803-10R00 SC0310R-000 3W Tinned/Copper Braid & TPE Overjacket
Commercial Grade 120V Low Temp 5 Watt 16 Watts/Meter
2805-10C00 SC0510C-000 5W Tinned/Copper Braid
2805-10R00 SC0510R-000 5W Tinned/Copper Braid & TPE Overjacket
Commercial Grade 120V Low Temp 6 Watt 19 Watts/Meter
2806-10C00 SC0610C-000 6W Tinned/Copper Braid
2806-10R00 SC0610R-000 6W Tinned/Copper Braid & TPE Overjacket
Commercial Grade 240V Low Temp 6 Watt 19 Watts/Meter
2806-20C00 SC0620C-000 6W Tinned/Copper Braid
2806-20R00 SC0620R-000 6W Tinned/Copper Braid & TPE Overjacket

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