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Heat Trace Products, LLC History



Our headquartersHeat Trace Products, LLC (HTP) technology dates back to the early 1970’s when the company was the Samuel Moore Group. The original brand name for the cable was Dekoron. A series of name and ownership changes over 30 years places the current company in Leominster Massachusetts as a privately held corporation.

The 2700 series cable has been a mainstay in low temperature maintenance and freeze protection applications for over 30 years. Backed by patents, proprietary formulations and manufacturing processes, the product has remained virtually unchanged the entire time. Many customers have reported that the product is still functioning after 25 plus years. The 2700 series cablecontinues to be the only cable to pass the IEEE Benchmark Performance Test at 230 deg F (110 deg C).

The 2300 series cable was developed in the mid 1980’s as the demand for self-regulating cable grew into process maintenance applications (with steam cleaning exposure). Here again, patented processes coupled with proprietary materials has made this product the cable of choice for maintain temperatures up to and including 250 deg F (121 deg C).

The 2000 series cable was developed as the new century approached and the demand for even higher maintenance temperatures evolved. Applications that used to be maintained by means of superheated steam and basic resistance heating cables were now being heated with self-regulating cables. The market place was seeking a product that could maintain 375 deg F (190 deg C). Products of that time could maintain 300 deg F (149 deg C) but when the temperatures approached 370 deg F (188 deg C), the cables had to be de-energized. HTP product and process engineers worked together (in conjunction with customers) and created the 2000 series self-regulating heating cable. The cable was the first self-regulating cable to gain Factory Mutual approval with a maintain temperature of greater than 300 deg F (149 deg C) and an output rating greater than 20 watts per foot. Presently, HTP is the only company to offer both a 25 and a 30 watt per foot product with a maintain temperature of 375 deg F (190 deg C).